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The liberal profession, traditionally mono-thematic  goes through a period of deep recessive criticality, while the prolonged economic difficulty has relegated small business and artisans only to productive appearances.

The access to a huge amount of information has transformed everyone into an improvised lover of all matter,  forcing professionals,  small business and craftsmen to evolve.  Having also become multitasking, they confront daily themeselves with the pressure that also help to increase: real estate agents who have transformed in construction companies and credit institutions in real estate brokers, architects who sell armchairs and furniture dealers who make architectural projects. And customers who trust blindly in the information found in the web.

The cure is not the entrenchment or determined defense of legislative safeguards, however vanishing. There was a time when crossbow manufacturers went bankrupt. Sic!

The antidote we propose lies on interaction and complexity.

The founders of the studio have had different and contiguous professional paths, (pure architect the one, multi tasking manager the other): the search for integration is in the Next Progetti dna, which dedicates a substantial part of its work to include other skills in a common project, trying to feed the idea that the network among people, businesses, ideas, spaces, etc. is the only chance for the survival of creative work. And sharing demands a strongly ethical context, without which it does not survive.

Here the therapy: creativity and ethics, of which Next Progetti is proudly healthy bearer.

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